Weight Loss is Battle for Some of Us!

Weight loss is not easy for many of us – most certainly it has been a battle I fought daily as a child growing up and throughout the years. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem when I was seven years old. I endured the name calling at school and most certainly though I pretended that it just made me angry and I would get into many fights – reality was that it simply crushed me inside when I was called “fatty” or “hippo” and many other names. Children can be so cruel when young and make life miserable for others who are overweight and who have parents that just tell them “there is nothing wrong with you and you will grow out of it.”

And it is worse when family members say “you’re just chunky”, what the heck does that mean? Yet as you get older you discover that it is just a nice way of saying “You’re FAT! When I discovered this at twelve and was developing much faster than many of the girls at school I became withdrawn, shy and had no friends. My thinking was if you ignore them and do not have any friends then they will forget about you – nope it does not work that way.

At fourteen I weighed 160lbs. and I begged my parents to please get me some weight loss pills – but no that did not happen either, because “I was too young and just had baby fat” really?!   By the time I was sixteen I weighed 180lbs. and refused to look at myself in the mirror, because I hated myself.

Trust me I tried everything for the next few years from walking, running, exercising, starving, drinking nothing but water for days at a time, eating nothing but vegetables, and a million other ways. What I discovered was all of it worked a little and for a little while but that is all it did.

Now do not get me wrong I did not just lay around the house and eat I was a very active girl and helped my mother take care of five younger sisters and a brother as well as plant and work in the garden, can vegetables, go to school and I repeat “walking, running, exercising, starving, drinking nothing but water for days at a time, eating nothing but vegetables, and a million other ways.”

Then at twenty I discovered a miracle drug for fast weight loss in a magazine I read, it was called “Lypozene.” I secretly ordered it and was amazed at how fast I lost weight – I went from 280lbs to 130lbs in about two months. The only problem with that was I lost too much body fat too fast and ended up in the hospital. All the time telling myself “I feel great!” I even had a boyfriend and that was a first for me and every one was telling me I looked wonderful and what a difference the weight loss had done for me.

Reality check was I almost killed myself. My eyes were sunken in and I had dark circles under them, my skin is normally olive due to my Indian heritage and at that time it was very white. Only by the grace of my higher power I did not die.

My diagnosis of having a thyroid problem turned into hypothyroidism and due to the fact that the medication one has to take “levothyroxin or synthroid” to keep your thyroid working which controls every organ in your body – weight loss is nearly impossible and it does not matter how much you exercise or do not eat.

BUT! There is good news there is a product that does not affect your medication and it does work and you can and will lose weight. It is made of all natural products such as berries and fruits and comes in the form of chewable pills, shakes, and health drinks. I have been taking it for a year now and have lost over 60lbs.

The products are simple, easy to use, and will not cause any problem with the medications you may be on. I have not  gained any of the weight back I feel great and definitely no hospital trips. In fact it works so good that I decided to get a website and offer the products on it to people like you and me – here is where you can get yours.

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