Helping Others In Need

“There is more happiness in giving

than in receiving.”

Acts, 20:35

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves,

for whatever good we give out completes the circle

and comes back to us.”

Flora Edwards

“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.”

Henry Ford

“The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.”

Ray Kroc

After people reach their success they realize that there is more to the world then just themselves. This is why we hear stories of many people training other people to become leaders as well as helping out less fortunate people in the world.

Once you have reached success and generated large amounts of cash flow then you will be able to invest it in the good hope in the success of others for them to reach their goals and their ultimate happiness in their lives as well. When you have so much money and once you have already establish yourself and what you have always wanted then you will have a lot of extra money left over as well as time.

You should still save and invest your money properly as well as your time because in reality YOU should always be number one and put yourself first. You should also invest a little bit of time and money to people who need it more than you do to help them get to where you are and where they want to be as long as they are showing interest and making positive choices.

This includes investing the time and money into people who want to become leaders in your organization for network marketing. If you do not train them properly then they will never have any motivation to succeed because they will be lost. It is up to you in order to make them successful and develop a professional coaching relationship until they get to their goals and beyond.

Once you have reached the peak of your success and have settled into everything that you want then you will be able to find the time and money to donate to people in need. There are many starving and homeless people out there that need everything they can just to survive. But your first priority is to keep yourself established first.

There are people out there who will need money more that you do and that is why it is important to distribute your wealth fairly. In order to be a person of high class and respect you have to show that you respect the ways of life of other people and that you have a huge heart in making others reach their desires and imagination as well after you have reached your own happiness and satisfaction in life.

The wealth in the world is so unbalanced and when you find out how to make it and succeed with the wealth and happiness that you want then it will be time for you to spread that to others to make sure they are meeting their happiness as well. This concept of helping others makes most people feel good inside that they invested their time to make someone else happier.

Remember that by doing something good for others we are actually doing something good for ourselves by making ourselves feel good about how we are inspiring others to find happiness in their lives after we have found our own wealth and happiness. Remember the quote that says there is more happiness in giving then receiving.

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