About Us

Threshold to Freedom is about helping others help themselves through education on various topics here on our site, from books and self help tips designed to specifically target individual needs ranging from homelessness, codependency, anger management and other personal things that are going on in people’s lives.

Threshold to Freedom does affiliate marketing with Amazon, EBay, and My Choice Software which allows us to sell products for funds to support the people we serve here on the website  (i.e., homeless, abused and elderly etc.), as well as the donations from our charitable visitors like you.

Background of our company: 

Threshold to Freedom is not a new company we have been around since March of 2006. Our company began as a home for mental health clients who had schizophrenia. The owner of Threshold to Freedom had a great need to help others throughout her life and when opportunity arose she opened her business to help these people. They were taught how to live outside of mental health facilities on their own within our society and take care of themselves physically, mentally and function within our world. They were show to buy their own food and prepare it for themselves, be responsible for their utilities, bank accounts and savings as well as education. Threshold to Freedom had a 99% success rate and many individuals were living in freedom once again after some being locked up in one facility or another for most of their lives or homeless.

Today we have built this site to reach out to more people for help as well as to give information about the crisis of those we help. And those who are still out there in need of something that will truly help them without any big pitches and false statements. We do not write about things we have not actually experienced ourselves at one time or another in our life and therefore there is no falsity within these pages.

Threshold to Freedom addresses many issues within these pages that many people would love to help out with but are not certain how to begin – you can begin today by contributing to those who are less fortunate and honestly need help. They are not people who want to beg for your help they are people like you and me. Somewhere along the path of their lives uncontrollable events occurred which left them in some terrible circumstances and they simply need your help and ours to pitch in for just a little while until they can get on a better path than what they have had to go through.

Welcome to Threshold to Freedom we are most humbled by your presence and so glad you came to see us.