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The Department of Human Services has new policies concerning the elderly who are on SNAP (food benefits) once the individual turns 65 they are removed from their already short income of food (usually around a hundred dollars per month benefit) and now reduced to $16.00 or less food benefits per month.

The supposed change is due to the fact that many elderly people begin to draw their Social Security and Medicare at age 65 –  so DHS says that since they draw Medicare for hospital expenses etc. and Social Security they no longer are no longer eligible for food stamps (only $10-$16 per month).

Now Medicare holds out around one- hundred dollars per month for their part to cover hospital expenses and pays out 80% which means you are personally responsible for 20% of the bill regardless of the amount.  And many of the elderly only receive about two hundred a month if that from Social Security to live on unless they have jobs they have worked for years and paid in a lot of money to social security.

The key here is that many people have been disabled for years due to unfortunate events in their lives and when they did work they paid in social security to find out in their unfortunate years they had basically nothing coming to live on. Now they cannot even depend on food stamps to eat much less enough income to pay their living expenses (i.e. water, electric, transportation, rent, hospitalizations).

Now if you are young and have one, five to ten kids you can not only draw $500 – $1000 a month in food stamps, receive TANF, WIC, and a multitude of benefits. And Reality Check is that these young people are for the most part able to work they just refuse to do so and would rather draw money and food from the state rather than work.

And if you draw more than $750.00 per month you are not eligible for food stamps.

american-flagSo somebody please tell me what the hell is going on with our system that wants to starve and mistreat the elderly?   These are the people who started the businesses, began the schools, raised our state to what it is today with their tax dollars and helped to implement our laws and paid their way, they fought in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam  – just because they are Baby Boomers and getting old does not mean they are dead yet and do not need help.

In my opinion we need to start doing something about these laws! We have sat in our living rooms and watched the elections and all that is going on that keeps taking our country down and us with it. Americans rise up and let us do something write your congress, write your governors and the president until they get sick of seeing letters from you. Organize your neighborhoods – get the elderly involved and let us make some serious changes!

Remember today you might be young but what about a few years from now????